Jquery and Javascript

Let the experienced web developers at aetherius train your team! Our curriculum has been designed and written by our knowledgeable trainers who are professional developers themselves. We provide comprehensive courses for technologies like JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile, and each day of training builds progressively on previous topics. Learning is supported through our proven Lecture-Lab format. Training sessions are broken up into chunks of useful knowledge lectures, and each lecture is followed by a lab session in which students are assigned exercises to help drive home the topic being discussed. Facilitated by the trainer, students get hands-on attention while applying the knowledge they are learning. This approach ensures that students retain more of what they learned during the training. It also addresses students with different learning styles.

Aetherius's years of JavaScript experience and hands-on coaching will teach your team faster than books or online courses could.Instead of rolling the dice with other methods, proven instruction from seasoned professionals will give your team the tools they need.