Project Development

Aetherius Training Centers are not just classrooms, they are the workshop to build and innovate new stuffs and break old boundaries. Here you will learn how to solve complex problems and applying simple basics in general everyday tasks. from a normal minor project of academics in to vast scope CRM, ERP or MIS development. Report generation and technological desitions of project along with SRS and project scope boundaries decisions & teamwork. As at Aethtech only developers will guide you in programming line, you will also get benefitted by their years of experience. Some of the major Technologies which are used in aetherius to train a simple 45 days summer training to a full fledge 6 months job internship program are : .Net along with mvc , wpf/wcf and networking, java j2se/j2ee with 3rd party Api's and frameworks like struts/hibernate, ejb, rmi, corba, php with cms like wordpress, joomla or frameworks like zend /zencart etc. along with mysql/ms-access/oracle/MS-SQL with full DBA level training in PL/SQL or T-SQL.