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We are coming soon with our brand new website, which will give user the best experience ever with unlimited posibilities and features. A compact and user-friendly service enviornment,affordable packages of demanding,devoid of the annoying old-school traditional system solutions that you'll completely fall in love with are coming at your door soon.

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We build creative IT tools and solutions for people.


About Us

Aetherius is a global technology services and outsourcing company situated in India. It is an established technology services and outsourcing company delivering State-Of-The-Art Services to any complexity of clients globally. Our customers are of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises who realize that they need professional technology and outsourcing solutions to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels, or streamline business operations.

Seamless Integrations

Delivering seamless business systems for operational excellence Our teams manage all aspects of solution design and implementation, and work with our clients to develop, implement, and maintain systems that will support and enhance their overall business strategy. Our global delivery model adds quality, scalability, predictability and flexibility.


Creating business benefits through intelligently managed IT We are a leading provider of managed IT services worldwide and we have in-depth expertise in workplace management, managed infrastructure, application operations, network and communications. Within our project service unit we deliver infrastructure consult, design and build capabilities to our customers. Our solutions provide value, consistency and agility.

Consulting & Investment

Transforming organizations with top-of-the-wave innovations Aetherius Consulting deploys its highly skilled experts to help our clients prepare for and adapt quickly to changes in the market, outperform competitors and provide outstanding services to their customers.

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